Public Involvement

Project: Burnt Bridge Creek Regional Wetland Bank and Greenway Trail

Client: City of Vancouver Surface Water Management and J.D. Walsh Associates

Challenge: This multi-million dollar water quality and recreational project spanned multiple neighborhoods, including areas adjacent to residences bordering natural areas in the heart of the city. The public needed to be informed throughout the four-year project.

Approach: Conduct stakeholder research and identify issues. Develop and disseminate public information throughout the project. Organize and implement public open houses and meetings. Conduct media outreach. Develop interpretive materials for the public at the end of the project.

Results: Public meetings were well attended and significant input was shared by the public. Neighborhood associations, adjacent residents and businesses were kept up to date and given opportunities for input. The trail added three miles to the regional trail system and connected previously disconnected sections to create an eight-mile route. The project won awards and will be featured in the March 2007 issue of Landscape Architect, a national trade magazine.

Our Work:

Project: Tualatin Tomorrow

Client: City of Tualatin and Zenn Associates

Challenge: Tualatin is experiencing rapid growth. The City of Tualatin contracted with a Zenn Associates team to design and conduct a community visioning project to create a vision and action plan for the future of the city. City leaders were particularly concerned about reaching a high percentage of the 25,000 residents of the community.

Approach: Create a communications plan and collateral materials that reach and engage residents in the community visioning process.

Results: To date, hundreds of residents have participated in the visioning process including more than 200 who attended a Tualatin Tomorrow Town Hall in October 2006. More than 150 actions have been suggested for the future of Tualatin. A vision and action plan are in the works for the community.

Our Work: