Writing and Editing

Project: Vision 2008

Client: Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation

Challenge: The Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation visions for the future were imbedded within the Urban and Regional Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plans. The general public was unlikely to request or read these technical documents. Click to View the Vision 2008 Brochure

Approach: Distill the Urban and Regional Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plans into a readable, graphically pleasing summary for the public.

Results: A 12-page summary of the vision and goals of the Department was created. This publication educates residents about the long-term needs and plans for acquisition and development of parks, trails, recreation facilities and open spaces. It also assists the parks department in attracting new public and private partners.

Our Work:

Project: Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway Walking Guide

Client: City of Vancouver Surface Water Management

Click to view the Burnt Bridge Creek BrochureChallenge: The Burnt Bridge Creek Regional Wetland Bank and Greenway Trails Project created a public space which featured construction for water quality and recreation. The public could easily use the new trail system without understanding the importance of the water quality features.

Approach: Create an interpretive brochure to inform the public, in non-technical language, about the greenway and the role of wetlands and manmade, water quality features like bioswales, infiltration basins and vortexing manholes.

Results: A six-panel, full-color brochure which explains all water quality features in lay language. Maps inform the public about trail locations and distances and point out the water quality installations. A timeline, from pre-settlement to today, educates the public about the history of the area.

Our Work:

Project: Home Ownership Center Brochure

Client: Home Ownership Center

Click to view the Home Ownership Center BrochureChallenge:The skyrocketing cost of homeownership in SW Washington is keeping working families from buying their first home. Employers can help their employees by creating programs that encourage home ownership. But many don’t know that.

Approach: Create a brochure that informs employers about the many benefits they receive when their employees own their homes.

Results: A three panel, folder brochure with flap and easily updated inserts educates employers about how they can strengthen their businesses by offering benefits leading to employee home ownership. This brochure has helped the Home Ownership Center do active outreach to the business community.

Our Work: